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So, I decided since my WordPress posts haven’t imported yet, that I would post a regular post.  I will be posting these posts to my WordPress site also.  That way if the followers I have that don’t want to move over here to follow me, they don’t have to!

So, today was Sunday so there was no mail.  I took my walk and it was cold!  It had been getting up in the 70’s and one day it was over 80!  Today it was only in the mid 40’s.  BRRRR! After the warm weather it felt that much colder.  Luckily, it’s supposed to be the warmer weather tomorrow! Yay!

I walked and then came home and did my workouts.  I ate lunch and then came decided to check out Typepad.  I liked what I saw and signed up.  I really think I’m going to enjoy the site.  I wish I had more content, but like I said earlier, I’m in the process of importing my WordPress posts.  When they get imported, I’ll have a lot of posts.

I am hoping that when I go to my post office box tomorrow that it will be overflowing with mail.  I’ve had a slow mail week!  I only got 4 letters last week.  I have answered all but the last two I just received.  One on Friday, and one on Saturday.  I went to Starbucks the last two Wednesday’s and wrote pen pals letters.  It would be great to do that again this week, but sadly, I’m broke.  I also have no balance on my Starbucks card. OH NO!!!!!!

Sometimes when my sister stops by she leaves me some money.  If she does, I’m getting a latte. 😛  She gets all her mail here, so she stops by every so often to pick it up.  She doesn’t always leave me anything, but if she does, I’ll be a happy camper!

The last two days I have really not been feeling my walks.  I made myself go anyway!  Today, since it was cold, I was sorely tempted to go back to bed!  Sunday is the day I usually wash all my bed linens, so I made sure to take them all off the bed and toss them in the wash so I couldn’t go back to bed.  Of course after my walk, I was glad I had gotten it in.

Okay, that is all for now.  Talk to you soon! 🙂

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Typepad or WordPress?

Well, I signed up today for a trial of Typepad and I really like it.  What does this mean to my WordPress followers?  Well, you can follow me there, or continue to follow me here.  I’m going to use this as a mirror for my Typepad site so if you don’t want to go to Typepad, you can still follow me here.  When I post there, I’ll just post the exact same post here.  Easy peasy! ^_^

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So, I didn’t get around to working on the snail mail site today.  I got in my walk and came home and did my two stretch videos.  I watched the snack one and then ate lunch.  I then ended up going to a friend’s house.  We rode to Gretna, Virginia to the Dairy Queen.  We have one, but they are in the process of re-building it.  We got ice cream (me too!) and then headed back to town.  I came home and went looking for a few more pen pals.  I haven’t been getting a lot of mail and I am worried that I’m going to have a few pals that just write once and never again.  I have a few really good pals that write often, so that is good.

I found three potential pals tonight from two of the pen pal sites I’m a member of.  One from Georgia, here in the US, and one from The UK and one from Spain.  Hopefully they’ll all write back.  In the beginning of February, I wrote to several potential pals and only heard back from one of those.  At my box today, I did receive a return letter from the pal I was matched up with via Letter Writers Alliance.  That was cool!

I am going to finish this post and then relax for a bit.I have been tired all day.  I was so tempted to skip my walk today and go back to bed!  I didn’t do it, but it was hard not to.  I just checked tomorrow’s weather.  It’s supposed to rain and be in the 50’s.  That will be a change.  It’s been so warm here lately.  Oh well, hopefully it won’t rain on me while I am walking!

Blogilates, Pen palling, Pen pals, Snail mail, walking, working out


I got in today’s walk and came home and did my workouts.  It was all cardio today. Yikes!  I got that done and ate some lunch.  I had a errand I needed to run, so I drove out.  Unfortunately, my car isn’t fixed.  It did the same thing it’s been doing.  I was almost at the place I was going, so I went ahead.  The car did fine going back home. I wish I could get it fixed.  It’s so frustrating.  It also tears up my nerves driving and thinking it’s going to overheat.

I mailed all the letters I wrote today. I didn’t have any letters in my box. 😦  I did have my bank statement, though.  At least there was something in there.  Maybe I’ll have something tomorrow.  I did get two magazines in my box at home.

Oh! I’m working on a site for penpals.  I have only started setting it up, but I hope to get it going soon. It will be here on WordPress.  You c an see the ‘set up’ page if you want:


I need to get the form for submitting set up, a page for information, and other things.  I hope to be able to get some pals from it myself, too!  I might work on it tomorrow as it’s my shorter day on the workout calendar.  Friday’s are ‘rest’ days.  There is usually only two stretch videos and a clean eating video.

If anyone has any suggestions for things to add to my penpal site, let me know.  I’d like to have a really nice site set up.