Beach Trip, Day Five

I got a late start walking.  I kept putting it off and putting it off.  I finally got my butt going and headed down Ocean Blvd.  I ended up at the Sky Wheel!  It was five miles both ways, but it was worth it.  I went into the Gay Dolphin while I was there.  I got a few little things and then walked to the wheel. My friend and I rode it once before on another trip at night.  I’d never ridden it during the day, so I got a ticket and went for a ride.  It was so pretty during the day!  My first beach picture post has a few pictures from that.  I enjoyed the ride and it gave me a chance to relax and cool off for a few minutes. (The gondolas are air conditioned!)  After I got off the wheel, I went through their little gift shop. I saw bottled water and it had a Sky Wheel label on it.  I thought, water and a souvenir in one.  I took it too the counter and almost fell over when she said $2.70!  I didn’t say anything, I just paid it and went on my merry way.

I walked the five miles back to the hotel and changed into dry clothes. It may have been September at the beach, but the weather was like high summer!  I relaxed for a bit and then my friend and I headed out for dinner.  We finally got the Dairy Queen we’d wanted earlier in the week.  There was a putt putt place next to it and we went to it.  It was called Cancun Lagoon.  We played putt putt there for quite a while.  Afterwards, we went back to DQ so I could get a sundae.  My friend stopped at Cook Out and got himself a shake.  We also got a few things to eat later.  We headed back to the room.  I was going to the pool, but when I got down there, there were way too many people.  I decided to just walk on the beach and then go back to the room.

We ordered a really late night pizza (11:30!).  I ate a couple of pieces and then crashed.  I had a long tiring day. 🙂


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