Beach Trip, Day Seven

Last day! Oh no! 😦  Yes, this was our last day at the beach.  I got up pretty early and took some nice pictures of the ocean in the am.  I also walked around the grounds of the hotel and on the beach to take some last minute pictures.  I got everything packed up and ready to go.  We decided to eat breakfast before checking out, so we went to the breakfast buffet again. BACON!!!!!  We had breakfast and then loaded the car and headed to the lobby to check out.  That was done in a jiffy and we headed out to head home.  We stopped and filled up the car with gas and then drove on.

We again stopped in Rockingham and had a bathroom/snack break.  After that, we drove straight on through.  I was feeling pretty bleh. My nose was running and I knew I had a cold or something.  I came home to find a huge tree limb down in my yard.  My friend said he’d come by the next day and trim that up for me.  I went in the house and washed clothes and put away all my stuff and just relaxed.

Another friend called and I went to see her for a few minutes. She lives just up the street.  I was still feeling bad and wasn’t sure if I was contagious so I didn’t stay long.  I came home and crashed. Thus ended my beach trip!

It is now the 25th and I’m just getting over whatever this is I had.  I have been coughing and blowing my nose.  I think I’m finally almost over it.  Thank goodness!

I hope you enjoyed my beach trip.  I know I did. 🙂


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