Beach Trip, Day Six

This was our last full day at the beach.  I walked to 17 and mailed a letter to a friend.  I had written it earlier in the week and kept forgetting to mail it.  I did that and then went to to the beach.  I walked from the hotel to Apache Pier. It’s about 3 miles away.  I walked out on the pier and took pictures and then headed back.  This was the first day where the sky was overcast all day.  It was also the coolest day of the trip although it was cold at all.  I enjoyed my walk.  I like the pier as it’s a good spot to walk to and back. I picked up a lot of shells on my way to and from the pier.  I went back onto Ocean Blvd about 10 blocks from the hotel and just walked on that until I got back.  I ate some leftover pizza on the balcony and enjoyed the view.

Later, my friend and I went to the pool area.  I got in the hot tub and then when he got in the pool, I went to the room to shower.  He came in a bit later and showered and we headed out to Cookout so he could get a shake. We went to a cool memorabilia store / museum.  After that, we were ready for dinner.  We ate at Jimmy John’s.  My sandwich was pretty good.  The chips they sell are crack.  They were SO good. I’ve been dreaming of those chips ever since!

We went back to the room and I spent balcony time and walked all over the hotel taking pictures.  I walked on the beach also.  I went down several times on this my last night.  I got most of my things packed so I wouldn’t have so much to do the next day.


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