Beach trip Day Three

This was the day we would have had to switch rooms.  Instead, my friend only had to go to the lobby and check out and in.  Since he was up early, we went to the breakfast buffet in the resort next door.  They have all you can eat bacon. Mmmmm, bacon….

After eating, I left him and went about my way.  I walked to 17 again and to Rite Aid.  I grabbed a few snacks for later and walked.  I went back to the room and then went back out for another walk.  I got lost!  It’s okay though, I eventually found my way back to Ocean Blvd.  I was only about 30 blocks from the room.  DOH!  I walked back and then I spent some time on the roof. The building we were in had a little roof top balcony. They have lounge chairs up there.  I went up and enjoyed being at the ocean. I took a book with me and read until it got too dark to read any longer.  I went back to the room and then I went to the pool area.  I got in the hot tub and relaxed by the pool. My friend joined me later.  After the pool, we headed out to get something from Dairy Queen, but they were closed.  We decided to just get Burger King instead.  They gave us our food and two extra sandwiches. 🙂  That was a nice treat.

We went back to the room and I crashed!


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