Beach trip Day two

So on my first full day at the beach, I slept a little late.  I got up and got dressed and went walking.  I walk everyday at home.  I don’t use vacation as an excuse not to walk!  I went from the hotel on Ocean Boulevard to Highway 17 (King’s Hwy) and walked to Bargain Beachwear.  I spent a lot of time and money in here on the trip back in June.  I spent some money again.  I got my friend a gift, and I got a new MB t-shirt and some other things.  I went to Eagles (another beach store) and fell in love with a light blue tote bag.  It was way up in the air, so I had to get someone to get it down for me.  It was on sale! 😀  I got it and used to tote all my things for the rest of my walk.

I hadn’t eaten yet, so I went to Jimmyz.  It’s a Japanese restaurant that is sort of fast food. I got their teriyaki chicken bowl.  It was delicious.  After eating, I went looking for a Munzee.  (Check out ) I found all but one of the ones in the area when I was there in June.  I finally found the one I missed.  I captured that and then walked some more.

I went back to Ocean Blvd and out onto the beach to walk back to the hotel.  I went back and cooled off a bit. My friend and I went to the pool area.  I forgot to mention they have a water slide.  We went on that a few times and then went back to the pool area. After we got dried off, showered, and cleaned up, we went to Cook Out for some dinner and then went to Food Lion to get some groceries for the room.

I went for another quick walk on the beach and to the little convenience store in the resort next door. (We usually stay at that resort but decided for a change this time)  I went back to the room and relaxed until time for bed.  It was a good first full day.


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