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Rain, rain, rain

So, I didn’t want to walk today because I knew it would start raining, but I REALLY needed some groceries.  My car has been unusable since March, so I walk everywhere I go.  I headed out to my walk and decided to just get some groceries and head back.  While I was in the store, the bottom fell out. ~_~;  I started walking home and stopped at CVS and called a friend.  She said she’d come and pick me up. YAY!  I grabbed a few things I needed in CVS and then she came and carried me home.  I changed into dry clothes and we went to lunch.  We also went to Goodwill.  I needed some jeans.  I also found a nice red sweater.

We went back to her house and picked up her son and all went to Target.  I got a few things I needed in there and then went  back to their house for a bit.  Now I’m home and I’m tired, cold, and cranky. This weather is getting me down.  It isn’t supposed to be as bad as they were predicting, so hopefully the sun will come back out soon.  Everything is just mushy and t’s gross.

I am planning to take the day off from walking tomorrow and then get right back into on Sunday.  Hopefully it won’t rain then. I don’t like missing days, but it’s absolutely miserable walking when it’s so cold and wet.


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