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A long day

I was thinking about skipping my walk today.  My weight has been fluctuating lately and it’s been getting me down. I thought I’d just skip everything to day and go back to bed.  I got up and went for my walk anyway.  I got in a good walk and then came home and did my Blogilates workouts.  There were six on today’s calendar and it was ab day. Ouch! :p  After walking and doing my workouts, I felt good.  I also straightened up my storage room.  I moved things around and made it look much better.  Everything is more organized too.  I also finally put up my Halloween decorations.  I was late this year.  They are usually up way before now.

I also washed dishes and have a huge load of clothes in the dryer.  All I have left to do is wash my hair.  I’m trying my best to deal with a really bad cut.  It was cut in July and it’s sucked every since.  I, being me, cut on it myself too. ^^;  I really should go and get it fixed so that it will be all even and grow out right.  It’s not really uneven, it’s just cut badly and then I made it worse.  Oh well, hopefully I can get that fixed soon.


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