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Yeah, I totally missed posting yesterday.  Oh well. I’ll make up for it now.  I went on my walk today and did my workouts. I went to a friend’s house to celebrate her birthday.  I had cake. ^^;  I cannot resist birthday cake.  As long as it is yellow or white cake and has sugary frosting, I’m eating it! 😛  The dinner was healthy.  Grilled chicken and a baked potato.  The cake was delicious and then we went to Starbucks.  Oops. 😀  I got a Grande PWM.  YUMMMMMM

Yeah, I was  bad, but it was totally worth it!  OH! Yesterday I did make another chicken wrap.  This one turned out so much better.  I didn’t chop up the breast and I didn’t heat it as long. I put the bbq sauce on the wrap, then the chicken, then the cheese and bacon.  I put the tortilla in a pre-heated pan on the stove and let it warm up.  I then took it off and rolled it up.  It was so much better this time.  I think I’ve found my favorite thing to eat.  I want to get some other kinds of tortillas.  Perhaps whole wheat or corn.  We’ll see.

Okay, enough rambling for today. 🙂


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