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So tired!

What a long day.  I got in my walk, but instead of the usual walk, I went a longer way since I needed to stop at Kmart.  I ended up walking over 9 miles.  I came home and ate and then did my workouts.  It was ab day. @_@; lol  I did that and then I decided to take the window air conditioner out of the window.  I took care of that and then cleaned up around the area.  I had to pull my computer desk out to get to the window, so I went ahead and dusted and swept behind there too.

I had a load of clothes in the dryer from yesterday and I got those out and put them away.  While doing that, I started another load of clothes.  I just have to put those in the dryer.  I was running around doing so much other stuff that I forgot to do that!  I still haven’t taken my picture for the 14 day challenge I’m participating in.  I need to do that, too!

After some trial and error, I finally got my Macbook and the ‘new’ Lenovo linked so I could copy some of my files over.  That will make it easier for me.  I will have all my default files on this laptop.  I am not going to transfer everything.  Just the personal files.  My pictures in iPhoto and my music in iTunes, I’ll just keep on the Mac.

Oh, if you are wondering why I needed to go to Kmart, I participate in their rewards program.  I have the program linked to my fitness apps.  I get points for my walking.  I had $11 in points today.  I wasn’t sure when they would expire (the ones earned via fitness don’t last long) so I went on down there and got several things I needed.  Grand total of the order? FREE! 🙂  Free is always good.  I found some Fiber One bars on the markdown rack.  They are Oats and Caramel and they look delish!  I’ll let you know how they are.

Okay, enough rambling.  I’m going to finish transferring files, go transfer laundry, and just relax a bit before bedtime.  It’s been a very full day.


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