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Rain and walking….

So today, I went on my walk.  When I started, it was overcast but not raining.  It looked like it would be a pretty good walk.  Sometime along the way, it began to rain lightly.  This wasn’t too bad.  I just used my umbrella and kept on.Unfortunately for me, it started to really rain HARD.  Even with the umbrella, I got soaked. 😦  It was a miserable experience to walk like that.  My poor feet got the worse of it.  The rain was puddled in many places.  I finally got home and was so happy to take off my wet clothes and put on dry ones!  I did two of my  Blogilates workouts, ate lunch, and then did the rest of them.

After that, I decided to relax for a bit, so I did.  I ended up taking a hot bath to soothe my senses.  That was wonderful!  Tomorrow is supposed to be warm again. No rain is forecast for tomorrow. YAY!  I prefer walking in dry weather.  I guess I need a bigger umbrella.  Mine is a small one that I always carry.  It’s okay for light rain, but it wasn’t so great today!

I just checked my shoes and other things that I had with me on today’s walk and everything is still damp. I hope that my shoes dry out before tomorrow!  Luckily, my phone and Fitbit didn’t get wet.  The belt bag I keep them in got damp, but it didn’t affect the inside of the bag where I keep those.

Okay, that is enough of my rambling for today.  I wanted to get a post done before I crash with a book and enjoy the rest of my evening.


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