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Proud Popster!

So, today was Halloween.  It’s my absolute favorite day of the year.  I didn’t sleep well last night and I was sorely tempted to skip my walk.  I went anyway.  While walking, I was again tempted to call a friend to pick me up and end my walk early. I didn’t.  I even added a little trip to the historic cemetery in my walk.  I get home and I’m exhausted.  I’m thinking I’ll just skip the days workouts on my Blogilates calendar.  Why?  A couple of them include moves that are very difficult for me.  I have to do modifications of them. I thought, I’ll just skip today. Then, I said, well… I’ll do a few.

I ended up doing all five workouts for today! I felt great having done them even though I didn’t want to get up from my mat afterwards! 😛  It made me feel powerful to get through them when I knew they would be hard and I already felt tired.  That is what being a dedicated Popster is all about.  I told my friend about doing them and he said, “Cassey would be proud!”  It made me smile.

As for Halloween.  I didn’t get to dress up this year.  I decorated the hell out of my house though.  It’s going to be sad taking down all the decorations tomorrow. 😦  I’ll miss them.  OH!  My friend’s decided we had to go to Starbucks tonight and who am I to complain?  I was naughty and got a Peppermint white mocha.  I only got a tall though.  I also had a cupcake at my friend’s house.  Oops. Oh well, tomorrow is a new month and I’ll get right back on track!


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