It was cold and rainy today.  I didn’t get in my regular walk.  I only walked 4 miles.  It was nasty out there.  When I came home and took off my shoes, my socks were soaked!  I dried out and did my workouts.  There were six on today’s calendar. Yikes!  During the last one, the phone rang.  It was Comcast.  My stupid DVR messed up again and they were calling me to see if it was working.  It wasn’t.  Now I have to carry it down there tomorrow.  Luckily the local office is located on my regular walk.  I’ll put it in my backpack and swap it out.  I just got this one back in August and had finally got all my shows set back up and had some things saved.  Now I have to go through all that again. ~_~; I’m not really pleased about that.  If it messes up again, I might just give up cable. It’s such a bother.  If my car was running, I could just drive down there and swap it out, but having the walk makes it harder.  Also, the  bill is too high!

Okay, enough complaining.  I haven’t had the best day so I’m going to close this out now.  I want to go to bed and stay there for about a month!


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