Title, what title?

I have been sitting here for quite awhile meaning to post here and haven’t.  I guess I’ll get it done now so I can get off the computer and relax before bed.  Today was pretty much an exact copy of yesterday.  I walked, picked up pecans, and then did my workouts.

The only thing I did different, is a friend called and asked if I would go out with them for a little bit.  We just rode around a bit and then came home.  I have had a headache all day.  It began on my walk.  I ‘saw the lights’ and knew what was coming.  Migraine. I always carry Advil with me in my belt bag when I walk, so I took two of those.  My head still hurts and I have been thirsty all day.  I want to drink about 2390439890 Cokes, but I try not to drink so many!  I’ll probably drink a bottle of water and then crash.  I think I might just try to go to bed a bit early tonight.


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