Rest day?

Yes, it was rest day on the calendar. This usually is a couple of stretch videos and a food video.  That was the rest.  My walk on the other hand was the longer one.  I had to get my prescriptions at Kmart, so I walked down there during my walk.  I ended up walking 9.3 miles!  I didn’t pick up any pecans today.  When I walk to Kmart, it takes a bit longer, so when I got here, it was time for lunch.  I ate and then did my videos and then relaxed for a bit.

I went to a friend’s house to visit for a little while.  I didn’t plan to stay long, and ended up staying several hours!  I am home now and I’m going to call it a night.  I haven’t had a lot of sleep lately and I just want to go to bed for a few days!


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