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I haven’t posted since Friday.  I didn’t mean to not post, it just happened that way.  I got in my walk and workouts on the days I didn’t post.  Today I also picked up pecans and did a closet switch.  I moved my summer clothes to storage and put the winter clothes in my closet.  I kept several t-shirts because we are still having some warm days.  It’s usually warm during the afternoon and then it gets cold at night.  I wanted to get my closet situation straightened out.  I also wanted to weed out all the old clothes that are way too big for me now.  I want to donate them.  If I can get my car running, I can do that.  I already have almost four months of recycling that needs to go.  There is a donation box within walking distance of my house, but clothes are heavy.  Especially when I have so many of them.  I think it would be a good idea to donate the warm clothes now when people in need can use them.

A friend bought me a little metal cart, maybe I can use that.  As for the recycling, the recycle center is over a mile away, so it would be carry one bag, go home, carry another bag, go home, etc.  I have at least 12 bags full of recyclables. I actually think I have more than that.  I used to go monthly, but since my car has been out of comission, I haven’t been.  In July when my friends went on vacation, they let me use their van.  I used it and took my recycling then.

Okay, enough griping!  I have bed linen in the dryer.  I need to go get that and put it on the bed and start the next load drying.  I usually do bed linen on Sunday, but I never got around to it yesterday.  Since it’s getting colder, I’m adding the extra blanket to my bed.  That is going to be nice tonight.  I love to sleep in a cool room with a lot of covers to snuggle under!


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