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Yeah, that should be me on the floor.  I just finished my daily workouts.  It was cardio and leg day.  I also walked 8.7 miles before I came home and did those.  I felt great having done them, but also tired.  I haven’t slept worth a darn lately and it’s catching up with me.

Today, as I was walking, someone had to stop me to talk.  I wear earbuds so people WON’T talk to me.  They just don’t seem to get it.  I am walking for fitness and health, not to socialize!  This used to happen all the time when I walked on the local trails too.  Headphones (or earbuds in my case) in means, do not talk to me.  How hard is that!?

UGH!  Anyway! On top of that, I stopped and picked up a couple of things on my way home. I got a package of hot dogs. Yeah, I know they aren’t healthy, but they are cheap and I’m broke.  I realized after I got them home that they were expired. ~_~;  They smelled and tasted okay and I cooked the hell out of them, so I think I’ll be okay.  I froze the rest and I’ll just take them out as I use them in the next few days.  I hate that they were expired.  I usually check stuff like that, but for some reason today, I didn’t.

I would have taken them back, but I would have had to walk back up there and I didn’t feel up to it.  I’m sure they are so full of preservatives that I’ll be perfectly okay!  If you don’t see me post in the next few days, I’m dead from the hot dogs. :p

So, now that my walk and workouts are done, I plan to relax.  I wanted to get my blog post in since I missed out on yesterdays.  I have been playing Fallout Shelter a little too much. It’s so addicting.  Stupid game. lol

ALSO!  I saved up all of the Adventure Time special that aired last week and watched it all last night.  Stakes it was called and it was about Marceline.  It was really good.  I want to know who the hell is drawing these episodes.  Jake looked weird, Finn’s hair was really shiny, and everyone else just looked a bit off.  The only character that looked ‘normal’ was LSP and that is saying something. 😛

Okay, enough fan girl babble.  I want to get some relaxing done and play more Fallout Shelter.


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