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Why do I need a title to every post?!  So, let’s update shall we.  I walked today and then forgot to stop my tracking apps.  I realized this about 30 minutes after I got home. lol  Silly me.  I did the daily workouts on the Blogilates calendar.  Today was stretch / relax day.  That was nice.   I liked both the stretches.  One I’ve done before, and one was new.  I also had a Cheap Clean Eats video on there.  I really want to try the first recipe as I love tofu!

I am trying to get a friend to take me to the mall.  I usually don’t go to the mall, but I need a haircut and the salon I use is there.  I also have a coupon!  I don’t need a lot cut.  It’s still not grown out since the bad cut I got several months ago.  I just want to get it trimmed and evened up all over so that when it does finally finish growing out, it will look good. Luckily, it’s been cooler here and I’ve been able to hide it under a hat while walking! :p



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