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So today’s workouts were interesting.  My abs were already sore and today’s workouts didn’t help any. 😛  I did them all though.  I also got in my walk.  I just looked at the app and tomorrow is Obliques. NOOOOO! lol  I’ll live.  I guess!

It got overcast as I walked today and I was afraid I was going to get rained on.  Fortunately, it waited until I was home.  I looked out not long after I go here and the street was wet.  I’m glad it waited.  Silly me didn’t take my umbrella today.  Oops!  Also, when I was downtown (near my turn around spot) it was 66 out there. As I started getting closer to home, it felt a lot cooler.

Now, I plan to get off this computer and get some things done.  I just don’t want to move at the moment!


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