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It took me a LONG time to do my workouts today.  Not because there were a lot of them, or that they were long, just that the internet and YouTube were being bitchy!  I got my first two done and was going to do the third before eating.  YouTube was acting up and so was my internet.  I gave up and went and ate lunch.  Then I got the internet back.  YouTube was still not loading anything.  I finally got one of the videos to load after an hour.  I then worked a bit and got another one.  I finally got the last one loaded and did that one.  I was so glad to be done. I hate having internet issues.  I’m almost glad that the HIIT routine is tomorrow because I don’t have to rely on the ‘net for it. lol

I got a good walk in too.  It was nice out there and I enjoyed the day.  I wish it could stay nice like this all year.

On today’s walk, I stopped at the post office downtown to get some of the Peanut’s stamps that are out this year.  The line was about six deep.  The first lady took a while, but then left.  The second lady in line needed stamps.  She wanted to picked out which stamps she wanted.  All 100 of them.  There were three or four people in line behind me at that point.  I got frustrated and left!  I would have been there all day if I had stayed.  I just stopped at CVS on the way home and got generic stamps. lol  I still would like some of the Peanuts ones, but I might just order them online.

It’s almost time for dinner, so I have to decide what I want to eat.  After eating, I’m going to crash and relax for the rest of the evening.  I need a quiet night!


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