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It was nice out there

Today, I was able to walk in short sleeves.  It was actually 70 out there!  It was so nice.  I got my walk in and then came home and did four workouts.  I ate lunch and did one more.  It was arm day, so I was glad I realized this early and didn’t pick up anything on my walk.  It somehow seems that everytime I have to lug things home on my walk, it’s arm day!  I was able to come home and do my workouts without too much fuss or muss.

I started a load of clothes yesterday and then forgot all about them.  They finally got dry right before bed last night, but I didn’t want to stay up longer to fold them and put them away.  I’ll fluff them for a bit tonight and then put them away.  I forgot last night because of Fallout Shelter. Oops.  Oh well!

Now, I am going to get a few things done that need it and relax for a while.  I have too much to do, and too little time.  Plus I have to play Fallout Shelter. 😛


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