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Late… yes!

So, I just finished today’s workouts.  I was late.  I was going for my walk today when I was passing my friend’s house.  She talked me into giving up today’s walk and going with her, her mom, and son to Greensboro to Best Buy.  I said, what the hey, and went.  Her mom was nice and treated us all to lunch at Steak n Shake.  I’ve never eaten there before.  It was really good.  Cheat meal! 😛  Then, we went to Best Buy and then to…. Cold Stone Creamery.  Ooops.  Talk about cheating.  I had a “gotta have it” size cake batter ice cream with pecans.  I looked it up and the ice cream alone was over 800 calories.  OOPS!  Oh well, one day won’t hurt!

So, we get back to town and she carries me a few places I need to go to pick up things.  I head back up to her house and realize I locked my keys in the house. OOPS again.  I was able to break in without incident and then took a bath and washed my hair.

I was thinking how crappy I felt because I hadn’t walked or did my workouts.  Then it hit me.  Why can’t I do them NOW?  Not the walk, it’s dark and this isn’t the safest city.  The workouts, yes.  I just finished them and I feel so much better.  It just made my day.  Cassey is so upbeat in her videos that even when she is killing you, you still want to smile! So, thanks @blogilates for making the day feel complete!


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