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So, I know I’m a bit late getting my entry in today.  I got my walk in as usual.  I got home early enough to do four of the five workouts on today’s calendar.  I did those, ate lunch, and then did the last one.  Two were ones I haven’t done before so that was pretty cool.  After the fourth one, when I was walking to the kitchen, I wasn’t walking steady.

I planned to spend the evening at home getting things done, but my friend called and invited me up for dinner.  Grilled chicken with cheese and bacon, and mashed potatoes.  Who could say no to that?  I went, ate, and came home.  I am now typing this up since I didn’t get a chance to earlier.

The weather has been extremely nice and unseasonably warm.  It’s been in the 70’s every day this week.  I have no complaints at all!  I hate cold weather.  It makes my daily walks so much easier when it’s 70 instead of 40!



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