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Ryka shoes

So, I wore my Ryka shoes for today’s walk.  They were really comfortable.  I didn’t put the extra insole in them like I usually do with new shoes.  I get a Dr. Scholl’s  athletic insole that I add to my walking shoes.  I was going to use the old ones until I could get a new pair, but the old ones are so worn out, they were fused to my Nike insoles. lol  I didn’t feel like these shoes really needed them.  They had good cushioning and they were quite comfortable.

It was really nice when I would accidentally stepped on rocks or other hard things not to wince.  The soles of the Nike were almost worn through!  This is my first pair of Ryka.  I saw these and fell in love with them at the beach in June.  I had been to many different shoe stores and tried on all kinds of shoes.  I came across these and tried them on.  They felt good and looked good so I thought I’d try them.  I’m glad I did.  I like the feel of them.

My ball of my foot on the right side has been giving me some trouble lately because of my worn out shoes.  It did bother me some on today’s walk, but it wasn’t too bad.  I am pretty sure that will work itself out now that I’m wearing good soled shoes!

All in all, I like the new shoes.  If I make it to the beach again this summer, I’ll try to find some more.  I know I can order them online, but I really prefer to try on fitness shoes.  I can sometimes try on a gazillion pair before I find the right ones!

I also did my daily #Blogilates workouts. 🙂  It was ab day.  It wasn’t too bad, but I have a feeling I won’t be saying that tomorrow when I sit up! :p


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