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It was really rainy here today.  I didn’t go walking!  I noticed it was puddling up some yesterday.  Today it was a lot worse.  There was a stream in my driveway!  A friend who works near where I usually walk, says I made the right decision.  He said there was a lot of puddles and it was just plain nasty out there.  I felt bad for not walking, but phooey on that!  I didn’t want to get my brand new shoes wet and muddy so quickly.  It is supposed to rain again tomorrow, so I don’t know what I’ll do about that.

Today was the #snowbunnyblast Hiit routine.  I did it and then had to lay on the floor a bit afterwards. lol I even posted a selfie to Insta with the caption, “Popster down!” 😛 I had my fan going and laid in front of it for a while afterwards.

A friend carried me to the grocery store, so I was finally able to get a few groceries.  My sister sent me $20, my aunt send me $10, and a family friend sent $5 for Christmas.  I used it all at the store.  I had a whole penny back in change! 😀  I’m rich!!!!!!   I’m just happy I have lots to eat in the house.



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