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I shouldn’t have eaten all that food today.  UGH I feel so icky.  I had leftovers that my sister brought me and I ate leftovers at a friend’s house.  I ate way too much.  I will get right back on track tomorrow.  Thankfully all this crazy holiday stuff is over.  No more over indulgence!

I got in a good walk today.  I was overcast again, but no rain.  It did mist for a few minutes which only got my head and glasses wet!  I got home and did four of today’s workouts.  I ate too much lunch and did the other two.  I need about 23432423 gallons of water to flush all this crazy food from my system, but right now, I couldn’t swallow anything else.  Yikes! lol

I see that in January, Cassey is having a #30daywaisttrainer challenge.  I am ready!  I love when she has 30 day challenges to go with the workout calendar.  I’ve printed mine out and I’m ready to go.  I also can’t wait to use my #blogilatesfitplanner2016.  Here is to 2016!


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