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I need a nap!

I got in a very wet walk today.  It wasn’t raining until I had gotten past the half way point, but then it was pouring.  My butt got wet! I still don’t know how as I had on a rain jacket and I was under an umbrella.  In any case, I got home, put on dry clothes, and fixed lunch.

After eating, I did the day’s workouts. It was total body day and there were some ab moves on there.  My abs haven’t recovered from yesterday, yet. 😛  I them them, though.  I was going to get some more yard work done, but since it’s rainy, I’ll just wait until it clears off.

I would really like to take a nap, but if I do, I won’t sleep tonight.  Oh well.  Maybe I can take a  bath and relax there.  As long as I don’t fall asleep and drown. :p


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