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Goodbye 2015!

So, tonight we bid adieu to 2015 and welcome in 2016.  I completed my day as I usually do.  I walked.  It didn’t rain at all! 😀  It was overcast, but the sun peeped out a few times.  Hopefully this front will move out and we will have clear days ahead.

After my walk, I came home and did three of my workouts. I had lunch and did the other two.  I had the 100 Burpee burnout on today’s calendar. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol  I’m so glad tomorrow is stretch and relax day!

I was able to get a friend to carry me to the grocery store tonight.  I got only healthy things.  I am trying to start the year off right.  I got some limes, oranges, raspberries, almond milk, organic honey, granola, greek yogurt (for smoothies), and several other things that I can’t remember at the moment.  I’ll have lots of good things.  The best part? My friend bought a carton of Breyer’s gelato.  I LOVE this stuff, but I didn’t buy any! 😀

I’m excited to try and eat better in 2016.  I did better in 2015 than I have in the past, but I need to really start eating as clean as possible.  I really want to make my goal weight this year.  It was one of my resolutions last year.  I didn’t make it, but I did lose inches.  Also, I wanted to master a crow pose this year.  I haven’t completely mastered it, but I did several today and didn’t face plant on the floor. YAY!

Now I’m going to relax for a bit and wait for the ball to drop.  It’s tradition in my house.  My mom and I used to do it together every New Year’s eve.   I’ve been doing it on my own since she has been gone.  It was our thing. 🙂

Oh, forgot to add, I am almost at 25,000 steps for the day on my Fitbit.  I will get those last few steps as soon as I publish this!



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