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How I’ve missed you!

The sun was out today.  It was so nice.  It’s been overcast or rainy for far too long.  I enjoyed being able to walk in the sunlight.  It wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be, so I overdressed.  Luckily, I layer, so I was able to take a few off.

I got in my walk and came home and did three workouts and the #30daywaisttrainer.  I ate some lunch and did the other two workouts.  I relaxed for a bit and then did some housework. I ended up watching a lot of episodes of Forensic Files on Netflix.  They added 40 ‘new’ episodes today.  I love the show.  I watched the heck out of it back in the day.  I thought I had seen almost every episode, but there are some on here that I’ve never seen, or it’s been so long since I saw them, I forgot!

After all that, I decided I wanted to do one last workout, so I did the Call Me Maybe squat challenge.  Maybe I’ll do it everyday in January! 🙂


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