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Today’s walk took a lot longer than planned.  Why?  I had to stop at the post office.  I had already paid for my new box online.  I just had to go in and get it set up, get the number, and my keys.  The post office was packed.  I was in there 30 minutes. 😦  This put my whole schedule off.  I hate to be off my routine!

I got home and it was close to time to eat, so I ate lunch.  I then did today’s workouts.  There was six on today’s calendar and I did all six.  I even tossed in the Call Me Maybe squat challenge.  I was about to sit down and realized I hadn’t done the #30daywaisttrainer.  I did that and then sat down.

I went online to update my address.  I hope I remembered everywhere I used my old PO box.  I got everyone I could think of updated.  I only have one more place I need to change it at, but it’s a local agency that doesn’t have online access.  I’ll worry about that tomorrow!


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