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It was a little warmer today, but it was still pretty chilly out there.  I got in a good walk.  I stopped at the grocery store on the way back and picked up some groceries.  I came in and put those away.  I had lunch, and then did my workouts.  I did all five on the calendar, did the Call Me Maybe squat challenge, and the #30daywaisttrainer.  I had been COLD when I started my workouts.  I was quite warm when I was done! 😛  That is one good thing about working out in winter!

I had a friend come by and bring me a heater to use in the parts of my house that aren’t heated.  It isn’t a big enough device to heat the entire house, but it does make the other parts more livable.

I was finally able to get to Target tonight.  I talked my friend into going.  I got a pair of 5 pound weights.  I love them.  They are perfect.  They were on sale too!  I also found a pair of cool workout leggings.  I need long pants for my walks.  I usually wear capris, but when it’s really cold, they aren’t great.

I tried something different for dinner tonight.  It was an Indian dish that I found at the store.  I’ve noticed it before and thought it looked good.  I don’t usually eat spicy food as I can’t really tolerate it.  I figured this might be too much for me, but I wanted to give it a try.  It was a bit spicy, but it wasn’t too bad. I did drink two bottles of water while eating it though. lol


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