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I went to bed last night with a headache.  I woke up today with a headache.  I got in my walk and got an even worse headache.  It was cold and drizzly.  I think the weather was a big factor in my headache.  Now, as I sit here typing this, I have a headache. PHOOEY on headaches!

My walk was the longer one today because I had to go to Kmart for my prescription.  I found a package of fitness socks that felt really thick and looked comfy.  I bought those too.  I got home and it was time to eat, so I went ahead and did that.

I got an upgraded modem from Comcast in the mail, so I decided to get that set up before doing my workouts.  I got that going.  It’s pretty cool.  I replaced three things with this one device.  Pretty snazzy.  After I got that set up, I did my workouts.  Today was the ‘rest’ day so it was stretches.  Those were good.  I needed them.  I also did the Call Me Maybe squat challenge again and the #30daywaisttrainer.

I got some housework done and did some other things that needed to be done.  I got an email from Sonic that they were having Adventure Time toys in their Wacky Packs (Kids meals).  I wanted the toys, but not the meals. lol  I set a goal for myself that I would not eat ANY fast food in January.  Not even for a cheat meal.  I didn’t want to go and try to buy them outright.  Plus, I’d have to get over there and it’s a long way across town.  I did the next best thing.  I looked them up on Ebay and got he complete set. ^___^

Now, I am going to relax a little bit before bed.  I don’t have anything else that I need to do tonight.  I’ll either watch some television or read for a while.


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