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I didn’t post yesterday. Sorry about that.  I meant to, but then it got late and I didn’t feel like it. :p  I got in my walk and workouts as usual though.  Today, I walked and it was sunny again.  It was warmer too.  I was able to wear my fitness capris instead of my compression pants.  It was pretty nice out there.

I got done earlier than I thought, and did three of the daily workouts.  I ate lunch and did the other two and the Call Me Maybe squat challenge.  I also did the #30daywaisttrainer.  Today is the day I wash my bed linen, so I moved them from the washer to the dryer.  I need to go in there and get those and put them on the bed.  I also need to wash dishes.

I wore a pair of my new socks yesterday and today and I really like them.  They are super comfy.  The ball of my right foot as been giving me a lot of trouble lately.  It was really hurting badly when I got home from my walk on Friday.  It didn’t hurt at all on yesterday’s or today’s walk!  I am not sure if it’s the socks, or the fact that I didn’t lace my shoes as tight near the toes.  In any case, it was nice not to have aching feet.  The worse thing is the days when I have a workout that calls for being on the balls of my feet.  After walking and them hurting, it’s a OUCH situation!

Tomorrow, I am going to check my new post office box and see if I got a confirmation of my change of address.  Hopefully I will have this time!  I meant to ask about it Friday, but the lady I had talked to wasn’t there and I didn’t want to go through the whole thing with a different person.  I am pretty sure that all the places that had my po box number have been notified except that one local place.  I keep forgetting to let them know!

In any case, I am going to go and get my bed linen and put it on the bed. I am also going to wash all those dishes so I have something to eat with tomorrow.  All my forks are in the sink! 😛


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