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I did it again!

Yes, I didn’t post yesterday.  Well, I’m posting now.  I did my regular routine yesterday.  I went to a friend’s house in the evening. I hadn’t been to see them since last year.  Or two weeks ago. :p  I was able to get a ride to the grocery store.  I got some bottled water, strawberries, yogurt (for smoothies), and a bag of frozen chicken breasts.  Oh, I also got some chocolate milk.  Sometimes if I get hungry in the evening, I like to drink some chocolate milk.  It’s so yummy!

Today, I walked and it wasn’t really too cold, but the wind was pretty crazy and it was insane!  I saw one poor man’s hat go flying off.  I had on a knit hat, so mine stayed on.  I finished my walk and came home to start my workouts.  I was trying to finish them when a friend called.  I finally got him off the phone and finished up that workout, plus two more and the #30daywaisttrainer challenge.  I ate lunch and did the other two on today’s calendar and the #callmemaybesquatchallenge.  I was interrupted during YESTERDAY’S workouts too. ~_~; My sister just had to stop by while I was in the midst of them.

Picture it, I’m on my yoga mat in my compression pants and just my sports bra.  The door to my room suddenly has someone knocking on it!  I was like….. ?????  She isn’t one to knock and wait for you to say, come in.  Luckily, I lock my bedroom door. lol  She doesn’t live here and doesn’t come by often, so I was surprised by her.  Silly sister!

So today, I was interrupted by a call, but that didn’t take as long.  I ordered a new pair of glasses from Zenni Optical.  I’ve gotten glasses from them before.  The last pair I got was about two years ago.  They are too big for my face since I’ve lost the weight, and they had subtle scratch marks on the lenses that were driving me crazy!  I found a really cute pair that I liked and ordered them.  They arrived today and I love them.  They are a deep plum color so they are almost black.  The side stems have little designs and rhinestones.  They are really cute and they look and feel great!

I finally got around to washing my hair.  I’ve been meaning to for days, but with it being so cold in my house, I kept putting it off.  I finally did it and now I’m sitting under that hair bonnet hairdryer drying it.  I have a load of clothes in the wash that needs to be dried, and that is all I have to do for today.

Oh! I called the post office on Monday since I didn’t have anything in my box, and they let me know they did get my change of address order this time.  So, everything should be good on that front!  At least I hope so.


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