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Walk… well…

Today I said, I have to get out there.  Even if it’s just walking in circles in my yard.  I did this for a bit and realized that walking on uneven snow in my yard is not fun.  I stuck with it anyway and walked for a while.  Then I walked around front and decided to walk up my street and out in the neighborhood to see how the other streets looked.  I went to the top street and then across the train tracks to the main road.  It looked okay until I got to the sidewalk I usually start on.  There was a snowy mountain on it! :p  All the snow they scraped from the streets is now on the sidewalks in piles. I turned around and headed back to the house and walked around the yard enough to get in 1.5 miles.  Keep in mind I usually walk 8.5 miles a day!  My feet were soaked and freezing.  If it hadn’t been for that, I would have stayed out a bit longer and tried to get in more miles.  Maybe the snow will be melted more tomorrow.  I hope by walking all over the yard, I’m wearing down the snow.

So, I came in and got my poor feet warm.  I did a few things online and then did my Blogilates workouts.  It was upper body day.  I got to use my new heavier weights I bought at the beginning of the month! YAY!  My poor arms felt it, too!  I did the daily calendar workouts, the #30daywaisttrainer challenge and the #callmemaybesquatchallenge.  I’ve done it every day this month! 🙂

I have been running around my house doing stuff and then I realized that my Fitbit was in the charger. ~_~; Luckily I didn’t miss too many steps.  I usually get 21,000 + a day.  With the snow, I’ve been lucky to get 5000.  Today I am 10,000 + so I’m satisfied.  I hope to top that tomorrow.  As soon as I can walk safely again, I’ll be right back to my normal step count.  I’m SO glad to have Cassey’s workouts to keep me moving during this walk down time!


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