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I walked yesterday and today!  There was snow on some of the sidewalks, but I was able to walk without a lot of trouble.  I had to walk a lot slower in the places with snow, but other than that, I was fine.  I actually did a little dance on my back steps as I got home yesterday. 😛

I was able to check my post office box and I had five letters from new pen pals! 🙂  Today I had one more.  That was awesome.  Both walks felt great.  I really missed being out there! I stopped at the bank to cash in some pennies.  I also stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things I needed.  Today I just stopped at the post office.  I came home and did a few things and then ate lunch.  I did my workouts. It was ab and cardio day.  I am tired!  I am going to relax for a bit and then get more things done.

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday.  I totally meant to, and then didn’t.


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