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Oh my!

Yesterday I needed to get groceries really badly.  I decided I’d grab some on my way back from my walk.  The weather said rain, but it didn’t say, Monsoon. That is what it felt like!  I didn’t take my entire walk.  I just walked to the grocery store, got what I needed, and walked home.  I was completely soaked.  I was so soaked that I was DRIPPING when I got home.  It was not fun!  I was not happy about not getting in my regular walk, so I went back out later on. Of course as SOON as I got in from the Monsoon and sat down after I dried off, it stopped raining. ~_~;  So, after I did my workouts, I walked to another place I needed to go and picked up a few things.  I ended the night by walking in circle around the house to get in my steps.  I got them all in and then some, so I was happy about that.

Today, my walk was SO much nicer.  Not a drop of rain in sight.  I walked the entire walk and then came back to cardio day on the calendar.  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!  Every. Single. Workout. was cardio!!!!  I survived.  Then, a friend asked if I’d like to ride with him to this pizza place in Milton, NC.  I have heard great things about it, but I’ve never been.  Well, I decided that since I hadn’t had a cheat meal this year, I would go for it.  I was STUFFED.  That was some good pizza.  I still have some left too. I’m seriously considering freezing the pieces I have left to have for another cheat meal at some point in the future.  I can’t eat anymore of it tonight and I want to get right back on track tomorrow.

Pizza is the one thing I really love to eat for a cheat meal. This one had a ton of cheese and it had pepperoni and it was just sooooooooo good.  I told my friend I felt like I needed to workout for three hours after eating it! :p


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