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Four days strong!

Yes, I’m posting again today.  I almost didn’t and then remembered that I was trying to stay on track.  I got in a good walk today.  It was a little cooler than it’s been being, but it was still a lot better than it was!  I stopped at the post office and mailed off two letters and got 0 in my box.  Phooey!  Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

I came home and did four of the workouts, ate lunch, and did one more.  I didn’t get to drive my car today.  My front tire was totally flat.  The friend that helped me with the other stuff is going to come over and check that out for me.  I’ll probably just replace it next month.  It’s annoying to only be able to use my car for two days before more issues arise! ~_~;  Oh well, hopefully I can get a tire in March and I’ll be back in business.  I have to pick up my prescription tomorrow.  I guess I’ll be walking my longer walk.

There are a few places that I really wanted to go too.  I haven’t been able to go hang out in Starbucks for ages.  I thought it would be cool to go in there and write pen pal letters and just relax with a latte. As soon as my tire is fixed, I’m going to get out and do some things!

Today, I went to a friend’s house to pick up some things they had for me.  I ended up staying for dinner. ^^; Oops.  They had tortellini.  They KNOW I cannot say no to that. 😛  I swear they did it on purpose!  Oh well, I will get to my goal weight, and I’m not going to stress over a cheat meal every time I have one!  I eat well 80% of the time, so a few little ‘slips’ don’t hurt!

Did I mention that I joined the Letters Writers Alliance?  I joined last week.  I should be getting my membership information in the mail soon.  I’ll let you know about that.  I think it’s cool that they send your information snail mail.  They also have a service for matching up pen pals.  Maybe I’ll get some more great pals.  I also want to join the League of Extraordinary pen pals.  I’ll probably do that next month.

Okay, talk to you tomorrow. 🙂


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