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Sucked. I didn’t get to go on my usual walk because I had issues at the house.  I had to walk to the dollar store and get a few things to fix that.  I did and then I relaxed a bit and did my workouts.  I still needed to get my prescription.  That meant a late walk to Kmart.  I headed out and was more than half way there when a friend saw me walking.  He offered to take me after he ran the errands he was on.  I asked if he minded if I continued to walk and he could get me after the errands.  He agreed, so that is what happened.  I was glad, because by the time I left Kmart, it was dark.  The way I go carries me through some places where there is no sidewalk, so I didn’t want to do that in the dark! (If you are thinking… hey, she says going to Kmart makes her walk longer!  It does, I didn’t go all the way to town and then back across the river and back towards Kmart. I just went straight to Kmart.)

I got home and then walked the house over until I got in my steps for the day.  That pretty much exhausted me and I didn’t have time for anything else.  I crashed!

Today, I got in my regular walk and that was nice.  I had mail in my po box which is always a good thing.  I got my member kit from the Letter Writer’s Alliance.  So cool! I’ll type up a report about that tomorrow. I’m going to fix dinner and then I’m going to get in bed and read the rest of the evening. It’s a good night to relax and read while listening to Classical music. ^_^


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