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Posting for real!

Yay! Yes, I’m actually doing a real post.  Sorry about the last few days.  I haven’t felt great for a while now.  I have still been walking and working out everyday though.  Tonight I had a really bad migraine and I spent some time in my room with all the lights off except the ones on my bed frame.  I have purple Christmas lights around the top frame of my bed. That was all the light I could stand.  I stayed like that until I felt a little better.  I got up and fixed dinner and that helped even more.  I figured I had better post while I felt like it.  After posting, I’m going to crash and watch Hulu for a while.

I wrote two more pen pal letters today. I only have two more to catch up on.  I only got those this past week, so that isn’t too bad.  I am also almost out of stamps!  I have to buy a book or two tomorrow.  I ordered some from USPS since they have the $1.20 international ones.  I got a book of those and a book of Forget Me not stamps that were really pretty.  I’ll buy some others tomorrow at the post office so I’ll have plenty.

I did receive a letter today from my pal in Oregon.  I’ve been writing back and forth to her for many years now.  She sent me a cute  card with a letter enclosed. 🙂  I will write her and the other two that wrote earlier this week tomorrow when I can get stamps.  I only have one left at the moment.

Okay, that is a decent post.  I hope I feel even better tomorrow.  We are supposed to get snow again tonight, but it isn’t supposed to be  very much and it’s going to be 50ish tomorrow so I don’t think it’s going to be bad.


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