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I had a full day.  I got in my walk and then came home and washed my car.  I put air in the tire and then drove to Goodyear.  My sister met me there and bought two tires for my car.  I can pay her back in payments.  Now I have good tires on my car and hopefully I’ll be able to get out and do things again!  I stopped and got gas on my way back.  It had been so long since I got gas, I forgot what side the tank was on! LOL I had to pull over and look before going to the gas station.  I filled up so that I would be ready for anything!

I came home and did my workouts.  The #1000abchallenge was on today’s calendar.  I was done with that and went into the app for the workout that comes with the monthly subscription to the calendar.  I saw that there was another workout I hadn’t done.  My abs and body were crying, but I did it! 🙂  I wondered why the printout didn’t have cardio.  Usually she has a cardio video and then other videos… unless it’s cardio day and then it’s all cardio!  I was happy to get all my workouts done.  I went ahead and ate dinner a bit early.

I then sat down and wrote to all my penpals.  I only have one more letter to write and that is my friend that I have been writing for several years.  I need to get a few things to go with her letter, so I’ll probably just write it tomorrow. It’s so nice to know I’ll be able to drive where I need to go tomorrow! YAY!

I didn’t get any letters at the post office today. Watch, now that I’m caught up, I’ll get about 2394309284309 tomorrow! lol  It would be funny to see my box completely stuffed.  I think I mentioned it, but I was matched up with a pal from Geek Girl penpals and I can’t wait until she gets my letter so she can write me back.  I think we are going to be good pals.  She is in South Africa, so it may be awhile before I get a letter!

I found two free true crime books in the Kindle store last night and downloaded them to my Kindle.  I started on one of them last night.  I can’t remember the title exactly, but it’s about 12 serial killers.  Ted Bundy is in there along with Son of Sam, and others.  There are a few in there that I’ve never read about, so that will be awesome.

Okay! This has been a long post!  I will go for now.  I want to finish watching this episode of FBI Files on Hulu and then I’m going to take and bath and get in bed with my latest book. ^_^


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