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I got in today’s walk and came home and did my workouts.  It was all cardio today. Yikes!  I got that done and ate some lunch.  I had a errand I needed to run, so I drove out.  Unfortunately, my car isn’t fixed.  It did the same thing it’s been doing.  I was almost at the place I was going, so I went ahead.  The car did fine going back home. I wish I could get it fixed.  It’s so frustrating.  It also tears up my nerves driving and thinking it’s going to overheat.

I mailed all the letters I wrote today. I didn’t have any letters in my box. 😦  I did have my bank statement, though.  At least there was something in there.  Maybe I’ll have something tomorrow.  I did get two magazines in my box at home.

Oh! I’m working on a site for penpals.  I have only started setting it up, but I hope to get it going soon. It will be here on WordPress.  You c an see the ‘set up’ page if you want:

I need to get the form for submitting set up, a page for information, and other things.  I hope to be able to get some pals from it myself, too!  I might work on it tomorrow as it’s my shorter day on the workout calendar.  Friday’s are ‘rest’ days.  There is usually only two stretch videos and a clean eating video.

If anyone has any suggestions for things to add to my penpal site, let me know.  I’d like to have a really nice site set up.


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