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So, I didn’t get around to working on the snail mail site today.  I got in my walk and came home and did my two stretch videos.  I watched the snack one and then ate lunch.  I then ended up going to a friend’s house.  We rode to Gretna, Virginia to the Dairy Queen.  We have one, but they are in the process of re-building it.  We got ice cream (me too!) and then headed back to town.  I came home and went looking for a few more pen pals.  I haven’t been getting a lot of mail and I am worried that I’m going to have a few pals that just write once and never again.  I have a few really good pals that write often, so that is good.

I found three potential pals tonight from two of the pen pal sites I’m a member of.  One from Georgia, here in the US, and one from The UK and one from Spain.  Hopefully they’ll all write back.  In the beginning of February, I wrote to several potential pals and only heard back from one of those.  At my box today, I did receive a return letter from the pal I was matched up with via Letter Writers Alliance.  That was cool!

I am going to finish this post and then relax for a bit.I have been tired all day.  I was so tempted to skip my walk today and go back to bed!  I didn’t do it, but it was hard not to.  I just checked tomorrow’s weather.  It’s supposed to rain and be in the 50’s.  That will be a change.  It’s been so warm here lately.  Oh well, hopefully it won’t rain on me while I am walking!

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So, today it was actually 85 outside! It’s still winter here people! lol  It was interesting to say the least!  I got in my walk and then came and did my workouts.  I ate lunch and then my friend was here working on my car again.  He drove it a bit and it seemed okay.  I decided that I wanted to go to Starbucks.  I didn’t have much money on my card, but I had enough to get a little something.

I got in there about 5:35 or so and didn’t leave until 8:35! I never meant to stay in there three hours.  It was nice though.  I worked on pen pals letters while I was in there and texted back and worth with a few friends.  I tried to get one of my friends to join me, but she was not having it. 😛  Oh well, it was a nice evening.  I headed home and fixed dinner.  I had a frozen teriyaki chicken dinner.  It was pretty BLEAH.  I didn’t care of it.  It wasn’t horrible, but it is not something I would buy again!  I hate when I eat something that I don’t like.  It seems to me that those calories should be void! 😛

I’m now all caught up on my letters.  I’m hoping to get a  bunch tomorrow.  My box was empty today.  I also hope to be able to get a few more dollars on my Starbucks card before next week so I can make writing letters at Starbucks my weekly Wednesday thing.I am not going in there and taking up space if I don’t buy anything!


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Yes, I know!

I didn’t post yesterday.  I thought about it after midnight.  I have good reason though!  I got in a great walk and came home and did my workouts.  I kept sitting here thinking that it would be great to go out and drive my car since I’d been cooped up for so long.

I drove around quite a bit and then headed to Starbucks.  I got a latte and sat in the comfy chair and wrote a letter and just enjoyed being there.  I used to hang out at Starbucks a lot.  So, I stayed in there for about two hours.  I decided to grab something to eat on the way home.  A friend sent me a gift card from McDonald’s.  I haven’t had any in a long time, so I thought, why not?  I got a combo (the fries were fresh BLISS) and ate it in their parking lot.  Then, I started home.  My car overheated. 😦  I was right near a car lot, so I pulled in there.   As soon as I pulled in, the needle dropped back to the half way mark.  I decided to just continue on and come home. I got stopped at the longest light ever and the car was fine.  It didn’t even try to overheat.  I got it home and parked it.  A friend bought a thermostat for the car recently.  He is the one that worked on it and thought he’d gotten it fixed, so he didn’t put on the thermostat.  Hopefully he can put it on this weekend.  I’m thinking it’s just getting stuck. I looked online and everyone suggestion thermostat.  I hope that is all it is!

So, today, I got in a good walk.  It has been in the 70’s here all week and it’s been so nice!  I stopped by the post office and checked my box. (Empty 😦 ) and mailed a letter.  I came home and did my workouts.  It was all cardio today.  YIKES! LOL  I did that and then put in a load of clothes to wash.  A friend called and asked if I’d go with her to Wal-mart.  She knows I DO NOT go to Wal-mart, so I don’t know why she thought I would.  I told her I’d ride with her, but I was staying in the car.  That is exactly what I did, too! 😛

We went back to her house. (She is the friend that lives a few houses away) so I could see Cocoa her mini Wiener dog.  I love that pooch!  I stayed for a little bit and then came home.  I kept feeling like there was someone behind me.  It was freaky.  I turned around but there was no one.  It was just weird.  I got home safely, so that is okay.  I think I could hear the neighbors down the street and the sound was just carrying and it sounded like it was behind me instead of in front.

So, now I’m typing this up because I didn’t want to miss today.  I got a letter from a new pal yesterday, so I’m going to write her tomorrow.  If I don’t get any letters tomorrow, I will be sad.

OH! One other thing.  I went ahead and put my air conditioner in my bedroom window.  I haven’t turned it on, but I thought I’d go ahead and get it in there while I had the chance.  I wish I had it in before doing cardio today! 😛

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Catching up!

I sat down and caught up on some penpal letters tonight.  I have a few more to do, but all of them came Friday, Saturday, and today, so I’m caught up.  I was matched up at Geek Girl Penpals and I think my new pal is going to be great! She is into Adventure Time, Harry Potter, and so much more. YAY!  She is the first pal I’ve gotten that is into Adventure Time. 🙂

My stamps that I ordered from USPS came today.  The International ones are so cool.  They are round and they have the moon on them.  The Forget me Not ones are pretty too.  I love stamps.  The moon ones are so neat.  The stamp looks nifty on the envelope.  I also found some cool Air Mail stickers via Letter Writers Alliance.  I put one of those on each letter I’m sending out.  They look vintage.  So neat! I love LWA in case I haven’t mention that!

In other news, I got in my walk.  It was in the upper 60’s today! Whee!  It was a really nice day to walk.  I stopped by the post office and received a new pal letter. 🙂  I came home and did my workouts, I ate lunch, did more workouts, and then went out to inflate the tire on my car.  I figured if I could get it inflated, and the car was running okay, I’d try to run to the grocery store.  I was able to do that! 😀  I almost forgot to get bottled water.  Luckily some guy walked by with some in his cart and I went, DOH! lol  It was nice to be able to drive and get my own stuff without depending on someone else!  I still need to get the tire fixed or replaced.  Hopefully I can do that soon.

I got home and put away my groceries and realized that I didn’t get home with my bananas! NOOOOO!  I looked on my receipt and saw apple. I didn’t buy apples. She rang up my organic bananas as apples and I still didn’t get them.  I went back and they gave me another bunch of bananas.  They might have been mine!  I also got a little over a dollar refund.  I came home and did the last workout.  I meant to do them all earlier, but since I had inflated my tire, I figured I better run and get my groceries.

Today’s workouts were all fun.  She had a new workout called Happy Hard Core for happy abs.  Let’s just say my abs weren’t all that happy with me. LOL! :p  It was a good workout though.  Now, I’m going to relax for a bit before bed.  I need a new read!  I will have to go find something in my collection.  I’m in the mood for a good book.

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Walk and workouts done!  It was in the mid fifties out there today so it was pretty nice walking weather.  I got home and did five workouts, ate, and did one more.  I finally got my hair cut yesterday, so I decided to take a bath and wash my hair.  I went back to the short pixie cut.  I really like it. I had my bob for such a long time.  I almost went back to the bob, but then I figured, hey, summer is coming.  Go short! 🙂  This time, the lady knew what she was doing and it looks amazing! I actually think it looks better than the first cut I had that I liked so much!

I was tempted today and fell for it. :p  I went in CVS to pick up a few things while on my walk and they had a coupon that made the Reese’s peanut butter egg .25.  I LOVE Reese’s PB cups and adore the seasonal PB items they have so I couldn’t resist.  I haven’t eaten it yet though.  I figured I’d have it for dessert after dinner. 🙂

I really need to go to the store and buy some groceries, but my friend hasn’t come to look at my tire to see if it can be fixed.  I was going to try and get a used tire yesterday, but all the tire shops closed at 1pm!  Phooey on that.  What do the people that work Monday – Friday 9-5 do?  All crowd in on Saturday morning and hope they get waited on?

Anyway, I wanted to do a post while I was still fresh and awake.  I’m sitting under the hair bonnet dryer and my hair is almost dry.  I love it when it’s short and it drys quickly!  Thick hair is beautiful, but it’s also a handful!

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Posting for real!

Yay! Yes, I’m actually doing a real post.  Sorry about the last few days.  I haven’t felt great for a while now.  I have still been walking and working out everyday though.  Tonight I had a really bad migraine and I spent some time in my room with all the lights off except the ones on my bed frame.  I have purple Christmas lights around the top frame of my bed. That was all the light I could stand.  I stayed like that until I felt a little better.  I got up and fixed dinner and that helped even more.  I figured I had better post while I felt like it.  After posting, I’m going to crash and watch Hulu for a while.

I wrote two more pen pal letters today. I only have two more to catch up on.  I only got those this past week, so that isn’t too bad.  I am also almost out of stamps!  I have to buy a book or two tomorrow.  I ordered some from USPS since they have the $1.20 international ones.  I got a book of those and a book of Forget Me not stamps that were really pretty.  I’ll buy some others tomorrow at the post office so I’ll have plenty.

I did receive a letter today from my pal in Oregon.  I’ve been writing back and forth to her for many years now.  She sent me a cute  card with a letter enclosed. 🙂  I will write her and the other two that wrote earlier this week tomorrow when I can get stamps.  I only have one left at the moment.

Okay, that is a decent post.  I hope I feel even better tomorrow.  We are supposed to get snow again tonight, but it isn’t supposed to be  very much and it’s going to be 50ish tomorrow so I don’t think it’s going to be bad.

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OMG That was insane!

So, I went for my walk today.  When I left the house, it was sunny.  It got a little overcast as I went, but nothing too bad.  I didn’t get any alerts on my phone.  Well…. I get to one spot and the bottom fell out. The rain was coming down so hard and so fast that I could hardly walk forward.  My umbrella got broken by the hail.  Yes, I said hail!  There I am, walking down the sidewalk and it’s so bad you can’t see in front of you.  I got to a spot where there is an old store overhang.  I got up under there for a bit to see if I could fix my umbrella. NOPE.  I was able to use it (barely) to get the rest of the way home.  The wind and rain were insane.  I was totally soaked through to the skin.  I had to come in and take everything off and then use a towel to dry off!  I changed into warm, dry clothes and did my four of my workouts.  I was tempted to skip them after the workout I had walking home!

I ate lunch and then did the last workout.  After that, I decided I was going to relax for the rest of the evening.  I’ve been sitting at my desk doing stuff ever since.  I’ll be getting up to fix dinner soon, but I’m tempted to just eat snacks and go to bed!